Release of Melick Report on Beaconsfield mine collapse

SafetyAtWorkBlog has repeatedly called for the release of the report into the Beaconsfield mine disaster that was undertaken by Greg Melick, QC.  The Tasmanian Government has today made the report and appendices available online.

The OHS-specific reports by Professor Michael Quinlan have also been released.

4 thoughts on “Release of Melick Report on Beaconsfield mine collapse”

  1. Thanks Yang. Your efforts have contributed to a continuous growth in the traffic this blog receives. You may have noted some content appearing from other contributors. A Canadian contributor will be appearing soon. I intend to broaden the safety coverage as much as possible.
    SafetyAtWorkBlog does not intend to be a news site, there are too many news aggregators out there that it is pointless competing. What we will continue to provide is a professional OHS perspectives on safety- and non-safety-related issues.
    I receive many requests for investigation into OHS topics that will be pursued. If you have any yourself or can help out, please let me know.


  2. This is not the first time I\’m saying this… this is the best OSH blog in Australia. Very up-to-date. I had been recommending this blog to my contacts.

    Keep up the good work!

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