“Homecomings” safety ads reach the US

As mentioned last month in SafetyAtWorkBlog, the Victoria-designed “Homecomings” advertisements are to be launched on United States television.  The Department of Labor & Industries for Washington State announced the ads on 19 May 2009.  According to the DL&I media release

“These ads are particularly effective at bringing home the importance of safety in the workplace and the effects it can have on so many people,” said Don Brunell, president of the Association of Washington Business. “When an accident happens at work, it affects everyone – family, friends and co-workers.”

One ad is available for viewing at http://www.lni.wa.gov/main/worksafe/ 

[It looks like parts needed to be re-filmed to show left-hand drive vehicles and obviously the music rights for Dido’s song couldn’t apply in the US]

Kevin Jones

2 thoughts on ““Homecomings” safety ads reach the US”

  1. These spots are very well done and were shown to be effective in Victoria. I do hope that they resonate here in Washington State as well. With the economy as it is, people may take jobs they are not best suited for and the last thing on workers\’ minds is keeping themselves safe. Which is of course exactly when they need to be thinking about it.

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