Cabbage Salad and Drugs

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Episode 6 of the Cabbage Salad and Safety podcast is now available with the discussion centring on drugs and alcohol issues at work. For those looking for information on drug and alcohol testing, this episode is not for you.  We thought that the testing issue is dealt with in many workplaces through legislative and regulatory matters and you have to comply with what you have to comply.

For this episode we included a guest, Natasha Jager of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation because we wanted to talk about what businesses of all sizes can do to reduce the risk of alcohol and drug impacts at work. It was important also that this was not a seasonal discussion in relation to naughty and unsafe behaviour at a work’s Christmas Party. (There’ll be plenty of discussion on that issue from others, as there is every year)

We talk about impairment, risks to others, the relation to fitness-for-work and workplace mental health issues.

The podcast audio has been cut to have this as a two part episode with the next part being available in the next week or so.

If you have any comments on the podcast, please email me or include a comment below.

Kevin Jones

2 thoughts on “Cabbage Salad and Drugs”

  1. Drugs cann’t be used recreation-ally or actually to add value to your life. Those can be used to come to new insights and can give you a different perspective on life. Or, you can use them just to relax or have a good time. But not in your workplace it will be too dangerous for your life.

  2. I think as a value add. If we really want to understand the issue of substance abuse and addiction it would be good to read the works of Gabor Mate as an introduction or read Chasing the Scream.

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