Safety Alert on quad bikes

The New South Wales Department of Industry and Investment has released a formal Health and Safety Alert of quad bikes.  As it is not yet available online, it is included below.

Kevin Jones

Footnote: Quad bike safety will be given a rest for a little while unless there is a significant issue. KJ

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5 thoughts on “Safety Alert on quad bikes”

  1. Do a google search for quad bikes and you\’ll see up and down the country the dealers and trainers using locals saying quad bars are dangerous and that training and \’being carefiul\’ is the solution. Looks like a lot of misinformation as I understand it, the authorities aren\’t talking about ROPs. Yes?

    1. Barry, dealers are saying this to customers based on the information they have but that is not ALL the information. There is an abundance of new evidence on quad bike safety and that contests some of the dominant thinking. We are in a process further deliberation on quad bike safety and during such periods there is, inevitably, confusion.

      The NSW WorkCover alert is worth reading carefully because even though it opens the door for crush protection devices (\”mini\”-ROPS) the action required is:

      Supervisors & Managers – conduct a risk assessment of use and review quad bike condition, attachments, safety fittings and maintenance program. Provide instruction on the safe operation of quad bikes and ensure operators are appropriately trained and supervised.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I actually think safety professionals need to persist with the quad bike issue for now. Personally, I think this alert is a little soft and also loses the point raised: That rollover protective structures (ROPS) save lives & should be fitted to all quad bikes on farms.

    Design rules should prevent quad bikes being sold without ROPS or from being called All Terrain Vehicles. Workplaces should retrofit ROPS to their quad bikes. WorkSafe Victoria effectively made seat belts compulsory on forklifts by issuing improvement notices if they weren\’t fitted (regardless of likelihood of rollover, I understand).

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