Unread books on safety and work

I always separate the books I have yet to read from those I have read, or else I lose track and can miss important books. Below is a list of those books in the hope that subscribers could tell me which they found to be useful and important if they have read any of them.

I have provided links to the books, usually publishers’ pages or reviews if you are interested, and check for special offers. Not all the books are new but new to me.

Kevin Jones

5 thoughts on “Unread books on safety and work”

  1. Hello Kevin
    Thanks for referencing my work. I have just re-read your reviews of “Sacrificing Safety” and “Organising for Safety”. I’m so gratified that you really get it! – that in an organisational context, structure creates culture.

    1. A lot of people rave about Lloyd’s book on LinkedIn. Given it’s one of the thinnest on my list, I’ll pop it in my holiday suitcase along with the Batman comics.

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